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Furry Film Festival

What Is F3?

A standalone festival uniting filmmakers and film-goers in the Furry community

The Furry Film Festival (F3) is the very first festival of its type to come to the international furry community. While some small film festival events have been featured at furry conventions in the past, this event is a completely standalone festival, dedicated entirely to furry movies and filmmaking.

The event is open to anybody in or around the furry community, anywhere in the world, and there are very few rules about what type of film you can make! To see a list of rules and requirements, please visit the rules and FAQ page.

Submitting a film

F3 is now open for submissions, and furry filmmakers have until October 9th, 2020 to submit their films to the festival.


Assemble your cast and crew!

You don’t have to do it alone (although, that is perfectly fine)! You’d be surprised how many talented folks are in the furry community. We encourage all furries with big ideas to start networking and assembling a crew. If you’re good at one thing (like writing, or editing) you may find other furries local to you who are good at filming, or music, or something else! They don’t even have to be local… perhaps you can film your movie in Germany, and have it edited in America by a friend? It’s all up to you!

Find your genre 

Is your film going to be a drama, adventure, or horror? Is it going to be a documentary or fiction? Is it going to be animation or full motion video? You decide! As long as it fits under the 10-minute time limit, we accept almost any type of short film!

Incorporate the theme! 

The reason why F3 has a theme is to encourage collaboration, and ensure furries are making unique films that will be premiered at the F3 Festival. We will not accept any entries that have been screened at any other event, venue or online platform prior. This year’s theme is “Magic”. Incorporate it any way you’d like, it doesn’t have to be literal.

Submit your film!

We will accept a wide variety of digital formats. Just make sure it’s no longer than 10 minutes in length! It costs only $20 to submit your film to the festival, and this money goes towards all the preparation and logistics of getting your films judged and potentially featured on the website with a dedicated page, an official screening at the premiere event and awards.

Assemble your crew

Find friends within the community with varying skills to help assemble a filmmaking team.

Prepare your gear

Whether it's an iPhone, a GoPro or a Red Cinema camera, you can make some amazing stuff with whatever you have on-hand!

Find your cast

Have anybody in mind you cast for your film? Still need actors? Reach out to your furry community for help!

Attend the screening

Finalists will be screened at a premiere live stream, held online in November 2020 (date to come).


Just like many other film festivals, we will be having a special awards ceremony, with awards like best picture, best director, best actor, best art, music, etc.


There will be laurels! All the laurels! Films chosen as the 10 finalists will get all those fancy laurels to put in their trailers and on the box art. Now who's looking fancy, eh?

The Furry Film Festival (F3) is aided, in part, by the United Utah Furry Fandom (U2F2). For more information, and to meet the Utah furry community, visit the U2F2 Website.