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Website launched and entries now open!

[SALT LAKE CITY, UT. March 21, 2019] The official Furry Film Festival (F3) website has been launched and with it a whole bunch of new and juicy information! But the most important piece of information is:

Entries are now officially open!

Furry filmmakers have between now and September 25th, 2019 to submit their furry film! And the key theme for this year is:

The future.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk more about this “key theme” idea. The reason why we have chosen to use a key theme for the festival is to encourage furries to network and get involved in their community. In addition to this, we want to ensure all films submitted will be premiering at the festival. If this festival were open to any and all existing films, it would not be much of an incentive for many filmmakers to get out there, engage the community and come up with something new and unique.

How you choose to interpret this key theme is entirely up to you. Maybe it’s a metaphor or a symbol. Maybe it’s the name of a place or an idea? It can be anything!

Being an international film festival, entries are open to furry filmmakers anywhere in the world! Because submissions will be sent digitally, there are no geographic limitations to hinder participation. The only consideration that needs to be considered is: if a film is chosen as one of the finalists, those filmmakers will need to plan how they are going to attend the premiere screening (more details on the screening to come later).

There aren’t many rules

We want to encourage furry filmmakers to get as creative as possible, so we aren’t imposing too many rules on submissions. This is all you need to do:

  • Ensure your film is under 10 minutes in length
  • Must feature furries or furry related content in the film
  • It must contain the key theme in one form or another
  • The film must not have been premiered, screened or shown at any other event or online platform prior
  • It must not contain any adult content (PG is encouraged, although we may accept adult themes if presented tastefully)
  • You may not use any commercial content in your film (unless you have gotten the appropriate permissions).

That’s it! It can be any genre you like. Drama, thriller, horror, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, documentary, animation, you name it! The 10-minute time limit is to ensure we get to screen a good number of films at the special event, so think of it like a short film festival not unlike Tropfest. We can, however, accommodate other films that happen to fall outside these rules. More on that below…

What about existing films or movies currently in progress?

We understand that there are already quite a few established filmmakers in the furry community, and we don’t want to overlook their amazing work. If you are a filmmaker who has recently released a film or video series or are in the process of making one that you planned to release later, but it happens to not fall within the festival submission rules, we still have a place for you! While we cannot officially qualify you alongside the other entrants and have your content compete at the core festival event, we can still feature your film in a dedicated section of our website, which will get a special online spotlight throughout the festival. We can even help with endorsements and spreading the word.

Special guest celebrity judges

We are in the process of talking to a handful of special guest and celebrity judges. These judges will be significant names in the film and video industry and will help judge films and offer feedback which will be used to determine the awards for our finalists. As each of these judges is locked in, we will announce them on the website and social media, so stay tuned.

See your films on the big screen

After submissions are closed all films will be judged and we will select 10 finalists who will have their films screened at a special Furry Film Festival Premiere Event, which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. This means the 10 finalists will have a chance to see their films on the big screen at the movies! It will be a red carpet social event and awards ceremony, with other social events happening around the screening. Full details, dates, and venues are still being arranged, so please check back later for more information.

For those of you who are unable to attend the premiere event, we will also host an online event concurrently, and have a dedicated stream-team so that our remote viewers will feel part of the event!

Will it cost anything to submit?

Because this event takes a lot of time, effort and resources to pull off, we are setting an entry fee of $35 per submission. This fee will only be required upon submission of your film, and all funds will go towards the main events for the festival.

The premiere screening will also be a ticketed event (like a convention), and while we don’t have final costs for that yet, we can say that it will be reasonable (around the cost of attending a movie event). This is also to cover the costs of the venue and amenities.

So get cracking!

Start assembling your cast and crew, writing those scripts and bringing those ideas to life! We can’t wait to see what everyfur comes up with! We will be setting up the official entry forms shortly, so stay tuned and happy filmmaking!

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