Furry Film Festival - F3

F3 Wallpaper

The judging process has started! Also: update about the screening/premiere.

All 2019 F3 entrants have been contacted, and their entries confirmed! Firstly, we want to say congratulations to everybody who submitted a film! From what we’ve seen so far, all the entries have shown an amazing breadth of talent across many disciplines in film and video.

The films are currently being reviewed by the F3 organizers and double-checked to ensure each film adheres to the entry conditions. After this, each of the films will be forwarded to our judging panel who will help determine the recipients for our awards!

We will keep folks posted throughout this process!


What about the screening?

Unfortunately, we didn’t receive the volume of entries we were hoping for (this was to be expected, being our very first F3). As a result, we’ve had to cancel the live screening/premiere event. But don’t despair: we still plan to have the entire festival play out online and go through the entire judging & awards process as originally promised.

All entrants have been notified of this adjustment and offered a partial refund of their entry fee to make up for the screening. We hope that in time and in subsequent years F3 will continue to grow.

Like many other cons, we have to start somewhere, and this often means starting small. But we also have great faith in this festival and hope that in time it will grow! This means we will indeed be back in 2020 and every other year after that!

In the meantime, we will keep everybody posted as our 2019 entries get reviewed by our judging panel. We will also keep folks posted about the live stream event for the festival and where/when they can watch the entries!

Thank you!