Furry Film Festival - F3

The 2020 F3 theme and deadline has been announced!

Howdy furs! I hope you’re ready for a magical Furry film Festival (F3) in 2020, because we’ve just announced out 2020 theme and deadline!

The theme is “Magic”!

Interpret it any way you like! For example: is your film set in a magical place? Maybe it’s about spells and abilities? Is it a metaphorical representation (like a magic of a certain character), or more literal? Is it about a place, an individual, an idea, or an abstract construct? There are many ways you can interpret “magic“ and integrate it into your short film idea!

We can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with!

The release date has also been locked in for October 9th, 2020!

That gives furry filmmakers 7 months to prepare, write, shoot and produce their short masterpiece!

What is the Furry Film Festival (F3)?

The Furry Film Festival is the first dedicated film festival for the furry community, and this year we are celebrating our 2nd year for F3! If you would like to learn more about F3, you can visit the What Is F3 page, or check out the Rules and FAQs!

You can also watch last years’ film festival screening and all the finalists from last years’ festival over at the 2019 Films Page.