File Storage and Sharing Services

The Furry Film Festival website does not have its own service for you to upload your film submissions for. This is because creating and maintaining a file storage and sharing server capable of the many gigabytes of submitted video data is quite expensive.

We can, however, recommend a handful of great existing file-sharing services that you may use!

When submitting a film, there is a field where you can paste your accessible link that is provided by one of the free services below!

Dropbox Icon

Free storage: 2GB

Google Drive Icon
Google Drive

Free storage: 5GB

OneDrive Icon

Free storage: 5GB

WeTransfer Icon

Free transfer: 2GB

All of the above services (except WeTransfer) enable you to copy a direct link to where the file is privately stored. This link must be copied into the appropriate field in the submission form.


If you use WeTransfer…

This is a direct file transfer service that only temporarily stores your file. You are asked to provide a recipient email address when sending your file. Please use as the recipient to send your film. For the field in the submission form that asks where the file is located, simply put “Sending via WeTransfer”.

IMPORTANT: We will only accept WeTransfer files from users who have finished the process of submitting their film. Please make sure your “from” email address in WeTransfer is the SAME as the email address provided in the film registration/submission process! Make sure you send us the file as soon as you have finished submitting your entry form.

If you’ve uploaded your file to one of the above services, or will use WeTransfer after submitting and you’re ready to submit your film, click that big button below!