“…a documentary series that is focused on giving you a real life look into the furry community.”


he Fandom is a collaboration between Director/DP Ash Coyote and Director/Editor Ash the Eagle. Our goal going into this project was to tell the story of our community through the voices of the artists and creators that help us to really thrive. Each episode focuses on different topics within the fandom itself.

Ash Coyote is a filmmaker from Colorado Springs who got her start working on indie features like “The Creep Behind the Camera” and “The Frame”. She worked in the advertising world for years while teaching cinematography at her local university. The last film she worked on was “Being Evel” Directed by Daniel Junge. Ash left her post at the university to transition and focus on her personal life. Since transition, she has reapproached film with a fresh eye focused on telling stories related to the LGBT community.

Ash the Eagle is a filmmaker from San Francisco. Born in Ohio he started his career in film by working on indie features in his home state including “carol” and “miles ahead”. Gravitating towards documentary, Eric (Ash the Eagle) focused on editing and worked on numerous projects for film, radio, and TV. He won an Emmy award in 2017 for his work with the youth documentary academy. He has been documenting the furry fandom for over a decade producing numerous shorts for the community.

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The Fandom is a documentary series that is focused on giving you a real life look into the furry community as told by the artists and creators who have helped build it to where it is today. We have already completed part one of the documentary and will be releasing it here shortly as web series. This kickstarter is to fund part two which will be released as a feature film!

For this documentary, we would like to take an in-depth look at the early history of the fandom and really explore our origins as the first internet subculture. We will focus on the individuals who helped to start our first conventions, meetups and facilitate artistic expression. Then, we will examine where we are headed as a community today. As furries ourselves we would like to show the world what our community is really about!

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