Furry Film Festival - F3

F3 Screening And KiitLock

Premiere / Screening Date and 6th guest judge announced!

The F3 Premiere / Screening has a date!

Put it in your calendars folks! We have an official date and venue for the F3 Premiere / Screening for our finalists! Even though entries are still open, we wanted to give everybody as much time as possible to plan for the screening should they wish to attend. So here are the juicy deets…

Saturday 16th November, 2019 @ 2pm
Megaplex Theaters, Valley Fair Mall
Salt Lake City, Utah

As mentioned earlier, this screening will showcase 2019’s F3 finalists on the big screen. This red carpet event starts with a pre-screening mixer held in the special events lobby at the Megaplex theaters. This will then be followed by a screening of our finalists in a proper big-screen cinema. Then to conclude the evening, there will be an awards ceremony, where awards such as ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Cinematographer’, ‘Best Music’ (and more) will be announced (based of our celebrity judges’ feedback).

Tickets to the screening go on sale as soon as the entries have closed (September 25th). Pricing for the tickets is still being arranged, but from what we know it will likely cost the same amount as a normal cinema ticket to any blockbuster movie! Seats are limited, so as soon as tickets go on sale be sure to snap them up!

We also are planning social events for that entire weekend including potluck and park meets, moviemaking workshops, food meets, and other social/venue events to make the best of the F3 weekend! If you wish to travel to the screening/premiere from out of town, there is plenty of accommodation available nearby (all within 1 mile from the cinemas in West Valley), including:

  • Country Inn & Suites
  • Comfort Inn
  • Best Westen
  • Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites
  • Sleep Inn
  • …and a few more.

We don’t currently have a room block at any of the hotels but that option is currently being investigated.

Of course, more details to come shortly so stay tuned!

Introducing our 6th and final special guest judge: KiitLock!

KiitLock F3KiitLock is an active furry streaming personality and Twitch Partner. Not only is he local to the Utah furry scene, but he’s been actively involved in many furry events across the country, including being on the presentation and judges panels for dance competitions features at BLFC, and Utah’s own AWU conventions respectively!

As a partnered Twitch streamer and online social commentator, KiitLock is no stranger to the types of dynamic storytelling featured within all types of online entertainment. With a robust sense of humor and quirky gaming style, this foxed up streamer is the perfect candidate to provide valuable feedback when it comes to the Furry Film Festival submissions and how they present a solid connection to this amazing community (especially online).

We certainly look forward to seeing what kinds of observations he can make about our film entries, and are especially excited to have him share these experiences with his already blossoming viewership base.

More episodes of the official series to come soon!

As promised, there will be more episodes of the F3 Official accompanying series coming out soon. But in the meantime, be sure to catch up with Episode 1 below!