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Majira Strawberry is a popular YouTuber and online personality in our fandom, and a talented producer and filmmaker in his own right. Boasting over 18 million total views on his YouTube content, and a strong social media following, he is an active and motivated furry whos content has not only reached a huge number of furs within our community but also represented many of the core themes of our fandom through his creativity.

But let’s let the amazing foxy filmmaker speak for himself!


Hi, Everyone! My name is Majira Strawberry, and I am an independent filmmaker. I am honored to be a judge alongside such amazing and talented individuals. My passion for film first started when I was a child; I would film short videos with my neighbors. I joined the furry fandom at the age of 16 and thus Majira Strawberry a red fox with green accents was born. A few years later, during my freshman year of college, I started to film my first ever weekly vlogs. Along with filming my weekly vlogs, I also studied Film and Geography at Kent State University. I ended up Graduating from college in just three years with my Bachelor’s degree and have since dedicated my life to my YouTube channel.

In April 2017 I decided to quit the day job and to pursue YouTube full time. For me, that meant specifically Furry YouTube, and since taking this giant step so much has changed. I have been given the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and amazing people in the form of video collaborations, and I won an Andy Award for Best Technique at the Anthronational Film Festival during Anthro Northwest (2018). I have also gotten the amazing opportunity to travel the world as a Special Guest and Guest of Honor at various conventions worldwide, and my channel now has over 225,000 Subscribers and over 20,000,000 Views! That’s insane, and it’s all thanks to my amazing Strawberries, friends, and family that I am able to pursue this to such a degree. I’m looking forward to seeing all the awesome movies the amazing and talented filmmakers of the furry fandom come up with this year. :3

Some of Majira's Work