KiitLock is an active furry streaming personality and Twitch Partner. Not only is he local to the Utah furry scene, but he’s been actively involved in many furry events across the country, including being on the presentation and judges panels for dance competitions features at BLFC, and Utah’s own AWU conventions respectively!

As a partnered Twitch streamer and online social commentator, KiitLock is no stranger to the types of dynamic storytelling featured within all types of online entertainment. With a robust sense of humor and quirky gaming style, this foxed up streamer is the perfect candidate to provide valuable feedback when it comes to the Furry film Festival submissions and how they present a solid connection to this amazing community (especially online).

We certainly look forward to seeing what kinds of observations he can make about our film entries, and are especially excited to have him share these experiences with his already blossoming viewership base.

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