Jesse Cox

Oh boy! We’re super excited to have Jesse on the judging panel for the first international Furry Film Festival! Jesse is popular (and hilariously funny) online gaming and YouTube personality. He’s best known for his dazzling sense of humor presented with a unique flair and a touch of theatrics. You may have caught him either doing a let’s play or review series on YouTube, Twitch streaming on his channel, voice acting in some of your favorite video games, or chatting up a storm on the Co-Optional Podcast where he co-hosted alongside Dodger and the late TotalBiscuit. In fact, he’s been so impactful that he was awarded the 2016 Golden Joystick award for best upcoming YouTube personality. He’s even got a convention named after him! CoxCon is a video game and YouTube convention held annually in Telford, UK and has been going strong since 2015.

So how is it that Jesse became involved as a guest judge for F3? Who else but one of YouTube’s most creative and cuddly personalities would be able to offer their feedback on films made by some of the most creative and cuddly folks in our fandom!? We were truly humbled by the excitement he expressed towards being involved with our festival. It’s great to have him on the panel and look forward to hearing his feedback for our finalists!

Some of Jesse's Work