Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong has developed a strong foothold in the video, film and online entertainment business, having started out as an uploader of comedic video-game related content to his YouTube channel. He gained notoriety after making videos featuring the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Pollak, John Favreau, and more.

In 2011 he formed the now immensely popular ‘RocketJump’ alongside his partners Matt Arnold and Desmond “Dez” Dolly. The team was responsible for their work on the popular online and Netflix series ‘Video Game High School’. During this 3-season series, Freddie worked alongside many noteworthy actors, including Zachary Levi (from the TV series ‘Chuck’, and the newly released movie ‘Shazam!’), and his brother Jimmy Wong (recently cast in the live action version of ‘Mulan’). The series also featured cameo appearances from Stan Lee, Conan O’Brien, Tony Hawk and more.

Freddie has since guest starred in, and collaborated with, the American Sketch Comedy series ‘Key & Peele’, and is currently working on two new series’ ‘Rocket Jump: The Show’ and ‘Dimension 404′.

We are honored to have Freddie on our judges’ panel, and are excited to have him offer his feedback for our finalists!

Don’t forget to check out Freddie’s cameo in Episode 1 of our official series!

Some of Freddie's Work: