Furry Film Festival - F3

Introducing our 5th special guest judge – Ash Coyote!

Ash Coyote FilmingSome of you may have been aware of ‘The Fandom‘ – a documentary series that was recently released on YouTube, which also has a Kickstarter campaign for a season 2/full feature version. The director of this series, Ash Coyote, is definitely no stranger to filmmaking, and makes a wonderful addition to our judging panel for F3!

Ash Coyote is an independent film director and cinematographer from Colorado. She got her start in documentary and independent features in 2007. She worked in the film industry ever since. Additionally, she worked as a professor her at local university teaching cinematography and advanced lighting. Ash later retired from the position to transition. As the industry has changed over the years, Ash embraced new technologies and platforms with her documentary series The Fandom being released digitally on YouTube this year.

Recently Ash ran a successful Kickstarter to launch her latest project, a feature film focused on the origins of the furry fandom and exploring the community in depth.

One of the things that excites me the most about this festival is that it’s exploring two genres that I love; Science Fiction and anthropomorphics. My background is in cinematography so of course, I am always interested in seeing how people can utilize the camera in unique ways to tell the story. I see a lot of potential in how that might be incorporated into performances with fursuits. Of course, story is always king and that will be my main focus, I would love to see pieces that explore identity with a fresh perspective.

Ash joins Majira Strawberry, Jib Kodi, Jesse Cox and Freddie Wong on the judge’s panel.

The Fandom is on the home stretch!

As of the date of this publication, The Fandom Kickstarter had already reached its goal and was well on the way to achieving one of the stretch goals. There’s only a couple of hours left before the campaign finished, and you can help push it over the line by pledging to the campaign! Details below…


Filmmakers have until Sep 25 to submit their short films for F3!

By now we’ve been seeing tweets and telegram messages from many teams who are at various stages of their films! From scripts to storyboards, shoots to edits, we’ve been hearing all about fantastic projects in the works! We’re excited to see how folks integrate this years’ theme “The Future” into their submissions!

If you’re considering assembling a team and looking for inspiration, check out the official accompanying F3 series below…