Furry Film Festival - F3

Furry Film Festival (F3) Teaser Launch

[SALT LAKE CITY, UT. December 12, 2018] Yesterday, members of the Utah furry community posted a teaser trailer and brief description on social media announcing the existence of the upcoming “Furry Film Festival” (nicknamed “F3”). The festival is being aided (in‐part) by the United Utah Furry Fandom (“U2F2”) and its organizers. U2F2 administrator (and festival chief organizer) ChronoWolf posted the announcement on their Twitter profile (@ChronoWolfMusic), teasing a “coming soon”, which included a 2‐minute teaser video featuring a sci‐fi theme, live fursuiters, and a futuristic Salt Lake City (the city in which the festival will be held).

The festival itself has been in planning for a number of months and will be a short film festival not unlike Tropfest, where filmmakers in the community are given the opportunity to submit a short film within the allotted timeframe, and the films will likely adhere to a running‐time limit.

While the full details of the festival are still being finalized, it’s likely this festival will have a “theme” or “signature” where submissions must feature a reference to this theme/signature. However, this will be fairly open to interpretation as its key purpose is not to restrict creativity, rather: to ensure submissions are being created specifically for the festival and have not been shown at any other event or online service prior.

The qualification criteria for a “Furry Film” will be defined as any film made by Furries and/or containing themes prevalent within the fandom. There will be no limit on genres.

Once the event website is launched (in early 2019), it will mark the official opening for submissions, where the finalized rules, themes, and other details will also be announced. This announcement will be accompanied by the first “Episode” an official short film series made by the event organizers to aid in promotion. This will feature the festival’s theme and will be released in parts throughout the duration of the festival submission period.

The submission period is likely to be generous, allowing individuals and teams plenty of time to produce their films. Once submissions are closed a panel of judges will review all submitted short films, narrowing them down to a collection of “finalists”. These finalists will be showcased on the big screen at a “main event”, where the Furry community (and possibly the general public) will be invited to attend and watch the films on a big screen. This event will be followed by a live awards ceremony, presenting awards for filmmakers in a number of categories, including a “best picture”.

Depending on the popularity of the first event, the organizers hope to turn F3 into an annual occurrence with the goal of creating the foremost festival of its type, globally. Currently, there is a placeholder website at FurFilmFest.com. All of the information provided in this release is subject to change prior to the official opening.