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Furry Film Festival

Rules and FAQs

What are the rules for submitting a film?
There aren’t a lot of rules for your film, and you can make it virtually any genre you’d like. That said, here are the basics:
  • Your film must be no longer than 10 minutes in length
  • It must feature (in some form or another) a reference to this years’ key theme “Magic”.
  • The film you submit must premiere at the F3 Festival. It must not have been screened at any other event, festival or online platform prior (you’re welcome to share it anywhere you’d like after the festival, however).
  • It must feature something related to the Furry fandom.
  • All entries for the 2020 festival must be submitted by October 9th, 2020. No late entries will be accepted whatsoever.
  • Please, no adult content. Please keep your movies PG (we may accept some mature themes, however).
  • Please ensure you are providing all original content. This means no featuring or copying content you are not licensed to use, such as commercial music. If you do wish to feature any commercial content or art in your film, please ensure you are able to provide the appropriate permissions and documentation to support that content, otherwise, your film will be disqualified.

That’s pretty much it!

What about existing films, or films already in progress?

We understand that there are already quite a few established filmmakers in the furry community, and we don’t want to overlook their amazing work. If you are a filmmaker who has recently released a film or video series or are in the process of making one that you planned to release later, but it happens to not fall within the festival submission rules, we still have a place for you! While we cannot officially qualify you alongside the other entrants and have your content compete at the core festival event, we can still feature your film in a dedicated section of our website, which will get a special online spotlight throughout the festival. We can even help with endorsements and spreading the word.

Are submissions open to folks anywhere in the world?

Yes! Oui! Si! Da! Ja! Tak! Sim!


Any furry, anywhere in the world can submit a film to the festival! Because films are submitted digitally there are no geographical limitations.


The only thing that we request of our international film submissions is to provide English subtitles if there is any non-English dialogue featured in the film. Though this is not a requirement, it is definitely preferred.

When and where is the F3 Premiere Screening, and can I attend?

The F3 Premiere/Screening will be hosted online in November, 2020 on our official Twitch Channel:

Who will be judging the films?

The film judging will happen in two phases…

Phase ONE:

After entries have closed, the F3 organizing committee will go through all the submissions and judge them based on a handful of criteria and will determine a TOP TEN list of films. These films will be the ones screened at the F3 Festival Premiere Screening.

Phase TWO:

A handful of special guest celebrity judges will review the finalists and offer their constructive feedback. The judges will be announced at a later date. They will also determine the outcome of the awards, such as best film, best director, best actor, etc. for the awards ceremony that will take place right after the F3 Festival Premiere Screening.

how do I submit my film to the festival?
Shooting the film

We don’t have any specific requirements for how you should shoot your film. We understand that everybody will be going for a different look. For example, some filmmakers may choose to film in 4K HDR, and some may choose to do smaller format, 10fps animation. Our team at the festival has all the necessary hardware and equipment to read most formats, but we will be sure to reach out to you if there are any difficulties accepting your delivery (and this won’t disqualify or you).

Sending us the film

We can accept submissions in a wide variety of formats, and on a handful of platforms. Some of these include:

  • Dropbox
  • WeTransfer
  • Google Drive
  • and more…

When you’re ready to submit your film, we will have a submission form that you fill out and can include a link to where your film can be downloaded on either one of the above platforms or another platform of your choosing.

Does it cost anything to submit a film?

Because a festival of this type requires a lot of work and resources to pull off, we do need your support…

Entering your film

Each entry into the festival incurs a $15 submission fee to enter. This fee covers the logistics, time and set up involved in preparing the festival, its associated content, advertising, etc.

May I ask when the deadline is again?

Of course! We understand this is probably one of the most important questions you have.

The deadline to submit your film is:

October 9th, 2020

…wait, wait, wait. But what TIME on that date!?

Just make sure your film is submitted to us by 11:59 pm on that above date, according to USA MOUNTAIN TIME.

Can I feature someone else's music, art or content in my film?

This applies to commercial music, or any music in general, artwork, even story content. If you are going to feature anybody else’s work in your film you will have to make sure you’ve secured the appropriate permissions to use them.

But how do I get permissions, and what’s the process?

Every artist is different. Some may have their own release forms, and some may never have been approached before. The best first step is to get in touch with that artist and ask for permission. Then ask if that artist has any release forms they use for this purpose. If they don’t have any, we can provide forms for you!

Will the finalists be available somewhere to watch after the festival?

Of course! We plan to officially host all of the finalists on our YouTube page, as well as right here on the website. Each finalist will get a special page with full information about the cast and crew, associated awards, contact and social media information, and more.


For any entries that are not selected as part of the 10 finalists, those filmmakers are welcome to submit their films on their own social media or video platforms after the festival is over for that year.

Are there any prizes or awards for finalists and winners?

Yes! At the premiere event screening, we will have an awards ceremony where we’ll hand out various awards (like the Oscars). We are also in the process of organizing various prizes for finalists and winners. More details to come later.