F3 Official Short Film Series

Releasing episodically throughout the submission period and during the festival itself, the organizers of the Furry Film Festival (F3) are creating a short film series. The official series, which will launch its first episode soon, will serve as an inspiration to other filmmakers and furries who are considering entering a film into F3.



This story takes place in 2172 (Sol).

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The Cambrian Perspective

Fourteen years earlier, one of Cambria’s 3 moons (Sera) was destroyed. A failed attempt at mining precious minerals from beneath her surface began a chain reaction, causing it to break apart in orbit. The resulting catastrophe caused unpredictable seismic activity back on the planet, which resulted in social and civil unrest. The government responsible for the catastrophe was forcibly removed from leadership by the opposing political power, lead by Commander Campion, with overwhelming public support. However, Campion’s leadership has made things far worse for the people of Cambria. Leading the planet with a fierce dictatorship, Campion has imposed his own will upon the people. It is a time fraught with tyranny, oppression and a complete lack of social freedom. Campion believes it’s necessary for the planets ongoing survival and thinks Cambria has a future under his leadership, but many are starting to believe otherwise. In fact, rumors have spread that Campion was the mastermind who engineered the destruction of the moon so that he may take power.


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A small team of defiant citizens has come up with a plan to save the people and their society, but it involves seeking assistance from other civilizations in the galaxy. A plan that may involve relocating their society to another planet. But their population is far too great to do this alone. They have recently discovered signals coming from a planet far away, a sign of intelligent life, and perhaps a way out. As a means to get the attention of this civilization, they focus their energy on deep space communication in the hopes that somebody will respond. After many years of trying, they manage to get a signal through and open up a strong line of communication with Earth, who eventually agree to assist the Cambrians. However, when Campion finds out, he attempts to hunt down those who he calls “deserters” and threatens the people of Earth.


Desperate, and out of time, a small team (lead by Max) manages to leave Cambria, headed for Earth in the hopes that a face-to-face meeting may lay the foundations of an alliance. This could not only prove a beneficial step in intergalactic development but could save the people of the dying Cambria from a tyrannical government.


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The Earth Perspective

Earth has finally moved beyond their period of technological adolescence. 150 years earlier, they began receiving random signals from another planet, which indicated potential intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy. Unable to interpret these signals, but determined to answer the age-old question of whether or not we are alone, the governments of planet Earth draft a peace plan, subsequently agreeing to pool their resources and bolster their technology. The prospect of no longer being alone united humanity with both hope and preparedness.


Eventually, the federated council of Earth achieved great success with low-latency deep space communication, enabling them to open up a channel and communicate with the beings they first discovered many years earlier. The beings call themselves Cambrians, an anthropomorphic race from the other side of the galaxy. They explain that Cambria is dying and is being controlled by a tyrannical government, and they are seeking asylum on, and perhaps assistance from, another planet.


Despite threats from the planet’s leader, Campion, the federated council agrees to offer assistance to any Cambrians seeking help or asylum on Earth. The people of Earth now eagerly await their first contact with a small group of Cambrians who have defected from their home planet.
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Max The Wolf


Commander Campion, Ensign Varis




Kayoran Nova



Vinny / Spotted Booper



Mimic / Misfit



Blu Emery



Pom Puma Dragon


Max’s Father

Oaken Fox



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Technical Assistant

Kayoran Nova