Terms and Conditions for Entry

All entrants must agree to ALL of the following terms and conditions before submitting a film to the Furry Film Festival (F3):
  1. All submissions must never have been shown at any other event, screening, premiere, festival on an online platform such as social media, streaming or digital distribution prior to submission to F3.
  2. Entrants agree not to share, showcase, screen or upload their submissions on any platforms (including those in point #1) without prior permission from F3, until after the festival (including screening) is over.
  3. All submissions must either be made by or within the furry community, and/or feature themes prevalent within the furry community.
  4. The submission is under 10 minutes in total length, including credits sequences.
  5. There must be no adult content, pornography, graphic sex themes, or depiction of minors in morally questionable scenarios in any of the entries and submissions.
  6. All assets and content used and featured within submissions (such as music, art, graphics, imagery, effects, etc.) must be either original content. If not, they must either be fully licensed stock resources, licensed for use in the submission, or they must be accompanied by the appropriate valid licenses and permissions. F3 and its organizers are not responsible for any legal action taken against content creators for failing to adhere to these rules. F3 will assist legal entities where possible, ensuring that appropriate action is taken and the responsibility of infringement on copyright will be that of the submitting artist/user.
  7. Entrants accept that their films may be showcased or uploaded to channels and social media accounts managed by F3, including this website. It may also be used for promotions and other marketing materials related to F3 and the Furry Film Festival. The films may be edited or abridged for these purposes. Credits to the original artists will be provided where possible, except in some cases (such as social media posts) where a full credits list may not be possible.
  8. I understand that some of my personal information (such as my name, email address, physical address and other contact information) may be shared with the F3 organizers for the purpose of accepting entries, and for contacting the entrants with information related to the festival. This information will, however, not be released to the general public or anybody outside of the F3 organizing committee.
  9. I understand and agree that failure to comply with ANY of the above terms and conditions will immediately disqualify me, and the entry fee will be forfeited and not refunded without prior warning.