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Calling furry artists and illustrators!

Hello, fellow filmmaker furs and artists. Today’s article focuses on digital and traditional artists and their role in film and video production. One of the most commonly used traditional forms of film design, which has been around for many decades and is still in use today, is Matte Painting. Or, now commonly called Digital Matte Painting (considering many matte paintings are created on the computer as part of the digital compositing process). Matte painting is the process of literally painting in backdrops (often as still images) that function as set-extensions for particular shots. Sometimes these paintings are added to by a compositor, who builds the foreground on top of this image. A well-constructed scene which features a matte painting may even include camera movement, various layers of depth and additional atmospheric effects like clouds over the top. The reasons why these are still commonly used are; a) they are a more efficient way of expanding the visual scope of the shot with a single image, rather than having to build all the elements in the background, and b) because they are often meticulously crafted, they look fantastic, and can be built upon to seamlessly integrate in to the scene and turn a relatively small set into an expansive vista.

Some matte paintings are painted completely from scratch, while others are built from real-world photographs or environments which are built upon with scene-appropriate elements. Take the example below, for instance…


While the above example provides a hyper-realistic style of matte painting and set extension made up of many photographic elements combined, many artists approach matte painting from a more traditional perspective, hand painting the individual elements…


2D furry artists in film!?

That said, how does this provide furry artists with opportunities in filmmaking? Quite simply: this fandom is full of talented 2D artists with a vast range of styles. Matte paintings do not need to be hyper-realistic to work within the style of a particular production. Sometimes directors like to deliberately design their scenes to have a fantasy, illustration or sketch-like look. So if you’re a talented artist in the fandom who would like to try their hand at digital matte painting for film, there are many other filmmaker furs standing by ready to commission you for work!

Currently, there is a telegram group for the F3 Film Festival, where filmmakers are discussing their projects and setting up collaborations. If you have skills as an artist and wish to support a film project, please check out the telegram group. You may find a particular film project or submission that is in need of your skills!