Furry Film Festival - F3

2020 Furry Film Festival Screening Roster & Stream Details

There’s less than a week left before the 2020 Furry Film Festival live stream premier event! As in typical tradition, we take this opportunity not only to provide details about the event, but to show you what films will be on the premiere event roster!


The Magician’s Mantle

By Cainen McGuffin


Film synopsis

A magician on the cusp of retiring gets an unexpected visitor at his doorstep. Witness the end of a journey, the beginning of a new one, and a final performance full of magic and wonder!



By Brodey Fox

Film synopsis

In a fit of writer’s block for an upcoming film festival submission, Brodey Fox (Brodey Fox) orders a magic wand from the internet which promises untold inspiration.


On The Magic Of Books

by Botch Frivarg

Film synopsis

When the daily slog becomes too much a book can transport you to another world.


Halloween Treasures

By Tiernan Lachmann

Film synopsis

In the land of dreams, a magical cat (named Candy Jack) helps an underwhelmed guy have fun during the spooky season.


Together We Are

By Jeremy Herrera

Film synopsis

Life was going to smooth in 2020, but the pandemic had affected lives. How will furries, along their friends and family unite? Can there be hope with magic?



By Maurizio Rex Maya

Film synopsis

A young furry goes to his first convention and experiences the magic of fursuiting for the first time.


Magic Moment

By Blue Wolf

Film synopsis

A red retriever plans on proposing to his partner at the top of the ferris wheel at the pier, when he suddenly loses the ring and everything that can go wrong does go wrong.


Black Orpheus

By Pongo Fox

Film synopsis

A daydreaming businessman unknowingly steps into another world for a night, watching his creations come to life and ends up quite literally chasing his dreams.


Premiere Live Stream Details

When do we get to see these fantastic films, you ask? Well here are the full details!

When: Saturday, Dec 19th – 4PM EST / 3PM CST / 2PM MST / 1PM PST

Where: twitch.tv/furfilmfest

And you will be joined by your four even hosts: Ash Coyote (@AshCoyote), Majora Strawberry (@TallFuzzball), Kiit Lock (@FoxedItUp), and ChronoWolf (@ChronoWolfMusic).


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