The Magician’s Mantle

Film Director

Cainen McGuffin

Additional Credits

Magician: Cainen McGuffin
Stranger at the Door: Bastian the Bear
Mentor (voice): Sherbert
Messenger (voice): Marleau

Healing Waters by Olive Musique
Simple Truths by Ben Beiny
This Is Home by Dan Phillipson

3D Environment:
Guido Vrola Design

Seating Photograph:
Tyler Callahan

Special Thanks:
The Twins



A magician on the cusp of retiring gets an unexpected visitor at his doorstep. Witness the end of a journey, the beginning of a new one, and a final performance full of magic and wonder!

Relevance to Key Theme (Magic)

On the surface, the theme of magic is primarily incorporated with the main magician character and his magic tricks and performance. On a deeper level, my short also deals with the feeling of losing something magical and special. But despite that, it’s also about sharing that magic with others and inspiring others to create their own magic, with the possibility of rekindling that magic within ones self too.

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