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F3 Laurel Best Character
F3 Laurel Best Story
Film Director

Cainen McGuffin

Additional Credits

YouTuber – Marleau Ad

Narrator/Phone Support – Kenyuki Tanuki

Friend #1 (Polar Bear)

Camera #2 – Bastian the Polar Bear

Friend #2 (Human) – @SpookyFoox (Twitter)

Friend #3 (Cactus) – @SpykrCactus (Twitter)

Songs provided by Premium Beat

“Piano Motion” by Immersive Music

“Luv” by Little Red Church

“Stepping Stone” by Evan MacDonald


Many people think about the future, be it planning ahead or worrying over the choices they have to make in their lives. Everyone wishes they could take back all the bad decisions they’ve made in the past. But what would you do if you could receive messages from your future self? What would you do with that knowledge? Is knowing the consequences of your choices ahead of time a blessing or a curse?

Relevance to Key Theme (The Future)

The major theme for my film is fear of the future and the unknown. We sometimes second guess our actions and worry that what we do isn’t the right decision. And for some people it is a crippling anxiety that overwhelms and controls their lives. This short film takes that idea, and presents the protagonist with a means of knowing the consequences of their actions. Is it a blessing gaining that knowledge, or a curse?

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