Hocatto The Warrior

Film Director

Ardonyx Maincoon

Additional Credits

Writer: Ardonyx Maincoon

Narrator: Big Bully Biggs

Shen/Hocatto: Ardonyx Maincoon

Kaito Kuroda: Julian the wolf

Matsuo: Majira Strawberry

Student 1 and 2: Kiwi Fox CG

Animation clips: Video blocks

CG images: Ardonyx Maincoon


An audio book with video visualization scenes. (No animated characters or background prop objects.) Shen ends up in a unexpected adventure after is palace gets raided and his parents are killed. During his retreat from the evil warrior dogs causing the chaos behind him, Shen sees a distant blue glow and decides to find the source of it. To his surprise he finds a sleeping stone dragon wearing a blue glowing amulet. Shen wears the amulet, follows mysterious instructions coming from it and embarks on a long adventurous journey!

Relevance to Key Theme (The Future)

Advanced technology in the past is deemed to be considered magic. What if portal technology were so compact that it could fit into a single amulet wearable by anyone?

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