A Cat’s Tale

A Cat's Tale Image
Film Director

Stuart Ford

Additional Credits

Producer: Ginger Tontaveetong

Music: Cameron Munoz

Visual Development: Sarah Demonterverde, Maneen Mehta, Alexandra Badiu, Shishuang Tu, Megha Agrawal

Modeling: Andrew Ford, Chung Yan Lee, Victoria Trac

Additional Modeling: Mohammad Reza Nour, Christina Pham, Vijay Goutham

Texturing: Victoria Trac, Mitchell Atwater, Omar povos, Juan Manchado

Rigging: Sumit Banerjee, Mickael Olivieri, Sasha Escarciga, Armando Brown, Makaela Davis

Additional Rigging: Kin Long Tsao, Cerone Bussey, Leslie Buras

Animation: Andrew Ford, Adam Kania, Sarah Belen, Andrew Goh, Justin Gorski, Princy Peuse, Mark Maldonado, Brandon Hartley, Srinivasan S, Anric Koning, Shekhar Nalanagula, Joey Paone,

Additional Animation: Benjamin Tong, Carolina Carreira, Cassandra Harrison, Valerie Kagehiro, David Rojas, Villalobos Parnaz, F.Rad

Lighting: Omar Hernandez

Additional Lighting: Seth Izen


A quiet cat, who takes pride in looking his best, becomes distraught after ruining his favorite bow tie. All he wants is to be left alone, but in a moments notice everything can change. “A Cat’s Tale,” explores more complicated topics while using simple storytelling and appealing characters.

Relevance to Key Theme (The Future)

A Cat’s Tale, instills a positive outlook towards the future. A future that is not defined by one’s past and is full of unexpected, positive moments depending on how one looks at it.

Important Note

A Cat’s Trail was not qualified to compete in the 2019 Furry Film Festival for failing to meet some of the submission criteria. Namely: Having been screened at other festivals prior. However, we included it in the roster becuase it was so adroable and fantastic!

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