The future is now!

This years' keyword/theme for the Furry Film Festival has officially been released! ``The Future`` - Interpret it any way you like! For example: is your film set in the future? Maybe the past? Is it a metaphorical representation, or more literal? Is it about the future of society, an individual, an idea, or an abstract construct? There are many ways you can interpret ``the future`` and integrate it into your short film idea!

Special Guest Judges

There will be a total of 6 special guest judges. Stay tuned for more reveals!

"An instant classic, it will stay with you furrever"

- Ears Magazine


"Paw inspiring!"

- Furry Filmmaker


"An instant OwOscars contender!"

- Howl Weekly

Official Short Film Story

Throughout the Furry Film Festival submission process, the event organizers have been creating their own short film series to coincide with the launch of the festival. Following the festival's theme, the series is a platform to help inspire all furry filmmakers and help expose others to the realm of possibilities!